• The Optimism of Charles Leaver

  • Posted on December 30, 2016
  • Throughout his long career, which dates back to 1982, Charles Leaver has been involved in virtually every aspect of the high-tech sector, not just the security business. Over the years, he has secured numerous patents for new technological advances. He has also helped to devise and implement a number of very intricate business plans and he has done so very well. He has raised a lot of capital and built out many innovative companies from nothing.

    Of course, Charles Leaver is best known for keeping everyone’s technology safe. One reason he has been able to do that is by knowing every aspect of the tech business and how security applies. Charles is currently the CEO of Ziften. Prior to that, he was that company’s chairman and before that, he was a partner with an Austin, Texas-based venture capital firm, Trellis Partners. Chuck Leaver has shown a high level of skill in all aspects of tech and cybersecurity, and is his known in the tech sector for his ability to get companies to push the technological edge and get into new markets. That is a key aspect of cybersecurity, of course; to stay secure, tech companies have to stay ahead of hackers and innovation. Being behind the curve is not an option.

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